Twistyplexed work in progress

by argonblue

Here’s something I’ve been working on that is an example of the twistyplexing concept.


Yes, that is a 96-well microplate, as commonly used in biology, with an LED stuffed into the bottom of each well. The finished product will have two of these matrices. They’re wired up as a 15×16 twistyplexed matrix, split into two blocks of 8 rows each (one block of 8 rows for each plate), with the rightmost 3 columns deleted. I probably could have used 15 wires, but with 16 wires, I get to wire up both matrices identically, so they’re more interchangeable. The “address” of each plate, that is, which block of 8 rows a given plate operates as, depends on which way you plug in the ribbon cable connector. (They plug into non-polarized 2×8 pin headers on the controller.)

I’ll post more about this project later.